Dental Practice Improvement Series – Does This Sound Like You? Part 2

In my post last week I mentioned discussions I had recently with colleagues about the challenges and best practices we face to keep our dental practices modern. For those of us that incorporated digital radiography into our dental offices, for the most part, we were:

  • Upgrading/modernizing an existing dental practice – click here to read more
  • Setting up a new dental practice
  • Auditing current dental practice workflows to uncover inefficiencies
Scenario 2 Setting Up a New Dental Practice
Situations that require a new practice setup:
  • Building a new practice
  • Moving to a different office space
  • Recent graduation from dental school
  • Buying an existing, outdated practice that needs upgrading
Factors to consider before setup:  
  • What type of patients will you be seeing? If you have a family dental practice which includes children, you have to consider purchasing sensors in different sizes that mirror film sizes. This can be accomplished in direct digital systems, Phosphor plate systems, or a hybrid system containing both.
  • What type of digital radiography products are being used by similar practitioners in your area? How will your office look in comparison?
  • How many operatories will be in your new dental practice? What procedures will take place in each operatory?
  • Do you prefer a wireless or wired digital radiography solution?
  • Will you have a clinical staff that understand show to operate a digital radiography system?
  • Will you be the sole practitioner or have an associate? GP only or are there specialists involved in the practice?
  • Are you interested in establishing a truly electronic patient record? (paperless practice)
Questions to ask when you meet with a provider:
  • Do you provide financing options for new digital equipment?
  • What type of warranty options do you provide?
  • What is the “learning curve” time commitment for training on the technology ?
  • Is the technology compatible with my dental practice management software and other imaging devices, like intra-oral cameras?
  • Who supports the products? How are repairs handled?

I hope you find this information helpful if you are in the process of setting up a new dental practice.  I look forward to your comments and/or feedback.

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