The Hidden Benefits in Leaving Film – Employee Satisfaction (Chart)

As a dental professional, you undoubtedly use dental technology on a daily basis. In addition, your employees also spend a great deal of time working with your office equipment, products and patients. Since your staff members are the backbone of your organization, it’s important to ensure they are happy and satisfied with their jobs and working conditions. In light of this, you may consider how the new technology you introduce in the office will impact them. Continue reading

The Hidden Benefits in Leaving Film – Patient Satisfaction (Chart)

Looking for ways to improve patient satisfaction—whether through improving reception décor or back office processes—is important for most dental professionals. After all, happy and healthy patients are the heart of every dental practice. When putting financial and strategic plans into action, it’s important to ask yourself how these strategies and changes will impact your patients.

This also applies to transitioning from film to digital radiography, as it’s important to carefully consider how this would impact the patient experience in your office. Continue reading