Friday Dental News Roundup

Happy Friday and welcome back to another Dental News Roundup! After taking last week off, we have a handful of great new blogs and articles for your reading pleasure. First, we have some great pointers on interviewing and hiring new practice team members, as well as tips and tricks for setting and achieving benchmarks for your business. We also have some surprising new information on the research front and a fun read on dental therapy dogs.

A 4-phase process to make interviewing dental practice applicants easier
Having to fill an opening for a crucial front-office team member can be a daunting task and finding out where to begin can be the one of the hardest parts of the process. So, if you are feeling frustrated and you are worried about finding the right candidate for you and your practice, follow this 4-phase process to make the journey a little easier. The 4 phases include: initial contact with the candidate, the face-to-face interview, the working interview and the probation period.

Dental therapy dogs: a doggone great idea
Many people have an extreme fear of the dentist and suffer from major anxiety when they see their next appointment quickly approaching on their calendars. Despite the many different tactics developed to help thwart this anxiety, one of the most popular trends emerging in the dental office is the dental therapy dog. These dogs provide a sense of comfort and ease for the patient and allow for the patient to pet them or even sit on their lap during their appointment.

Discovering the benchmark for your dental practice
Do you want to make your goals a reality? Set benchmarks for your business to show you what to strive for, what is necessary to maintain a competitive edge and what actions are necessary to adapt to the needs of your customers. To do this, create an open environment with your colleagues where information is shared in order to build on individual successes and identify potential areas of improvement. Read on to learn more about creating and achieving benchmarks for your practice!

Anti-Arthritis Drugs May Worsen Other Inflammatory Diseases
According to a study conducted by the American Journal of Pathology, a new class of anti-arthritic drugs that reduces arthritis and periodontitis can exacerbate other inflammatory diseases – making it difficult to treat people with more than one inflammatory disease.

Have you recently went through the process of hiring a new front-office member? What steps worked best for you? Share your stories and experiences, good or bad, with us in the comments section below!

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