Friday Dental News Roundup

Welcome to the first Friday Dental News Roundup of August! We are starting off the month with some great information on website redesign and intellectual property rights. We also have an interesting read on lead tooth analysis and how that can link to a person’s origin. Perhaps the best read of the week however, is about one oral and maxillofacial surgeon’s desire to make facial reconstructive surgery prepared for 21-st century warfare. Take some time out of your day to stay informed and better your practice!

New Hope for Soldiers Disfigured in War
Meet OMS Col. Robert Hale, who is helping soldiers disfigured in war through leading edge regenerative and transplant medicine. In this harrowing story, we learn of the doctor patient relationship between Hale and Todd Nelson, a staff Sgt in the US Army, who experienced severe injuries to his face after surviving a suicide bomber in Afghanistan.

Lead in teeth holds secrets of person’s origins, research shows
According to a study conducted by University of Florida researcher George Kamenov, the lead in human teeth holds clues about where a person grew up. Lead deposits around the world vary greatly from one another and as young people’s teeth absorb traces of the metal from the environment, the region where the person grew up can be determined through lead analysis of the tooth.

Is It Time for a Website Redesign?
Keeping the general aesthetics of your office up-to-date is important however, most offices forget that one of the most influential factors for patient retention is your website, not your waiting room. So, if you are unsure if your website is in need of an update, read the ten signs listed in this article. Some reasons listed include: if it is not mobile friendly and if it does not aim at your target market.


How to protect the intellectual property rights of your dental practice
Are you thinking about hiring an independent consultant to develop your website or manage your marketing services? If so, be sure to have your contractor sign a “work made for hire” doctrine. This doctrine allows the employer to be considered the author of the work even if a contractor or employee created the work. Therefore, if a contractor develops a logo for your practice and a doctrine was not signed, the contractor owns the rights to the logo and is free to license, sell or duplicate the images and dilute the marketplace.


Have you recently redesigned your website? If so, in what areas have you seen it improve since the redesign? Leave your comments and questions with us in the section below!

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