Friday Dental News Roundup

Hello everyone and welcome to another week of the dental news roundup with Carestream Dental. This week, we have two informative articles about remote monitoring in your private practice and some simple marketing ideas to help you better your practice. Our last story is an entertaining read is about a dental lab that is painting tattoos on the crowns they make. Everything from a flower to a professional sports team’s logo has been requested and tattooed on the crown for patients to show off to all their friends!

Remote Monitoring in the Private Practice
Remote patient monitoring is already very popular in the fields of cardiology, pulmonology and dermatology. This technology has led to closer patient doctor relationships and has allowed the patient to learn more about their own well- being. Now, with more affordable and targeted technology, remote monitoring is becoming more readily available to the dental field. Read on for more information on how this type of technology can improve your practice.

Easy-to-execute marketing ideas for all types of dental practices
Marketing is one of the most important keys to a successful dental practice and it doesn’t require a lot of extra work to incorporate some of the basic marketing principles into your business. According to Brent Headley, a dental marketing consultant, patient services, targeting and branding are the three most important components of dental marketing strategy. Under each component, Headley lists some great ideas that are easy to execute and will help grow your practice’s customer base.

Tooth tattoo trend puts Suburban Dental Lab in national spotlight
Suburban Dental Laboratory in Connecticut has recently come into the spotlight for creating tooth tattoos on the crowns that they are making for patients. So far, they have created everything from champagne glasses to dogs to spiders and Corvettes. The tattoos are created from a complex process of layering stains until the final picture is achieved. Then, the crown is baked to set the tattoo. The tattoos can last many years unless a patient uses abrasives on it.

In honor of Halloween this month and the story above, if you could get any tattoo on your tooth, what would it be? Let us know in the comments section.

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