How Orthodontists and Patients Benefit from an Intraoral Scanner

Computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) has been utilized by general dentists for the past decade. It’s only been within the past few years that the technology that has allowed dentists to create digital impressions and mill crowns in-office has been adapted for use by orthodontists to create digital models and orthodontic appliances. Of the many tools in a CAD/CAM portfolio, perhaps the most beneficial to an orthodontist is an intraoral scanner; it benefits both patients and doctors alike:

What’s good for the orthodontist…. …Is good for the patient
High-resolution 2D and 3D images… …eliminate the need to use the alginate associated with traditional impressions.
No heaters or trolleys means… …no waiting for cumbersome trolleys to be moved from other operatories.
No need to pour molds or wait for stone models to set… …results in fewer appointments and better use of staff time.
Two interchangeable, autoclavable tips—a standard size for adults and a smaller tip for children or adults with small mouths—means…. …a more comfortable overall experience for young patients or adults with a strong gag reflex.
A unique light guidance system and high-angulation scanning capabilities aid in the capture of data during image acquisition…. …reducing the risk of remakes, meaning no “we need to you to come back in” calls to the patient.

Additional Benefits:

  • Easy-to-use software: Today’s modeling software allows practitioners to take distance measurements including overjet, overbite, pressure map, arch length, tooth size, crowding measurements and more. The software enables users to quickly create digital models.
  • Faster turnaround with labs: Once scans are acquired, and if your scanner is part of an open system, these digital files can be instantly shared with hundreds of labs across the country to create orthodontic appliances. Plus, there’s no need to package and ship stone models.
  • Reduce clutter and save space in your practice: An added perk of storing digital impressions on a computer? Space savings! Traditional stone models take up space and gather dust in your practice, while digital impressions stay organized and compact in a virtual space.

Your patients are “going digital” in their daily lives—think of cell phone pictures and e-readers. With CAD/CAM technology for orthodontists, you can offer the same speed and convenience they’ve come to expect; not to mention the countless benefits to you and your staff. Have you considered introducing an intraoral scanner to your practice? If you’re already using one, what other benefits have you, your staff and your patients experienced?

6 thoughts on “How Orthodontists and Patients Benefit from an Intraoral Scanner

  1. In our clinic need the demo. Its possible? thanks

  2. Estética interesado en conocer los 3D y la integración en CADCAM

  3. For more information on our products, including how to schedule a demo, please click on the “Request a Demo” button on the right of the screen.

    Para más información sobre nuestros productos, incluyendo la manera de programar una demostración , por favor haga clic en el ” Request a Demo” botón a la derecha de la pantalla .

    The Carestream Dental Team

  4. Alginate impressions are inexpensive, faster and trays cheaper. I can do two or three patients one after the other with sterilized trays.

  5. Where are you based please I have had a lot of problems with my dentist and they have left me with half my teeth at the top and same at the bottom this has left me so depressed don’t know what to much do you charge and do you do a payment scheme.many thanks.x

    • Hello Wendy,

      Carestream Dental provides equipment to dental practices, but we are unable to provide dental services. We understand how important oral healthcare is, and we recommend reaching out to CDA Cares, Mission of Mercy, or the Healthy Mouth Movement (depending on your location). Teaching hospitals could also be a good resource.

      We hope this information helps.

      The Carestream Dental Team

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