Article Spotlight: Dental Software Patient Scheduling Preferences

When patients miss their appointment, it’s more than a minor annoyance—it can result in lost revenue for the practice. In Software Advice’s recent piece on Dental Software Patient Scheduling Preferences, they look at the most effective patient reminder methods.

Software Advice, a dental software researcher, found that 30% of dental patients preferred being reminded about appointments via text; however, patients over 34 years of age preferred email reminders. The preferred time for patients to receive reminders is three days prior to the appointment. Continue reading

Digital Dental Technology Survey: Perception vs. Reality

The benefits of digital technology within dentistry are well documented; however, there are some still misconceptions about making the transition. The most common reasons why a doctor would hesitate to switch from analog to digital include:

  • time investment
  • ease of use
  • costs

In a recent Carestream Dental survey, both non-digital and digital users were asked a number of questions regarding their perception of digital technology versus the users’ actual experiences. The good news is that many of the areas that were a concern for doctors who are not already using digital systems turned out to not be a problem for current users. Continue reading

Predictions for 2015

Google, Microsoft and Apple will merge creating a single user friendly computer world where everything works with everything else. The new company will be called GoogyAppleSoft and the software will be Androidmacindows.

The fact that windows PC products won’t work with Apple, Apple doesn’t work with Android and vice versa is just the most visible compatibility battle. In dentistry we are plagued with proprietary systems that refuse to play together. Digital impressions, digital x-rays and even digital records can’t be transferred from one system to another. This is good for the manufacturer but not good for the dentist. Continue reading

Friday Dental News Roundup

Happy New Year! We hope all of our roundup readers had a happy holiday season and we are excited to have you back. We are kicking 2015 off with some great articles from the dental news world. First, we look at the new debate dentists are having regarding the need to extract wisdom teeth. Next, we have an interesting read on how the Medicaid market is projected to grow significantly this year. Finally, we have some information on how you can build a better team in 2015 and how two dentists created a candy that won’t ruin teeth! Enjoy the first roundup articles of the year. We look forward to having some more great reads for you next week!

Dentists debate need to extract wisdom teeth
In recent years, oral surgeons and dentists have started to debate whether wisdom teeth need to be extracted to reduce overcrowding. Recent studies have found no sufficient data to suggest that taking out wisdom teeth reduced crowding of the remaining teeth over the next five years. With the cost of extraction and lagging insurance, some dentists are wondering if the motive for extraction is truly for the benefit of the patient. Continue reading

Embezzlement – What a Busy Dentist Needs to Know

It is a basic characteristic of human nature that we overestimate our own capabilities relative to those of others. Behavioral scientists label this “Illusory Superiority”.

A familiar example is driving, where a 1981 survey found that 93% of US drivers rated themselves as having above average skill, and 88% considered themselves to be safer than average[1]. This is an obvious statistical impossibility. It also explains something important about embezzlement.

Embezzlement Basics

As the CEO of the world’s largest dental embezzlement investigation firm, I am consulted on hundreds of embezzlement matters annually, and this work provides insight into embezzlement unavailable to anyone else. Continue reading