Article Spotlight: Dental Software Patient Scheduling Preferences

When patients miss their appointment, it’s more than a minor annoyance—it can result in lost revenue for the practice. In Software Advice’s recent piece on Dental Software Patient Scheduling Preferences, they look at the most effective patient reminder methods.

Software Advice, a dental software researcher, found that 30% of dental patients preferred being reminded about appointments via text; however, patients over 34 years of age preferred email reminders. The preferred time for patients to receive reminders is three days prior to the appointment.

Electronic reminders, which can be used with existing practice management software, not only decreases the risk of no-shows (some studies say by as much as 27%), but also eliminates the need for front desk staff to call each patient before an upcoming appointment. Practices are able to customize the patient’s preferred contact method (phone, email or text), allowing for stronger doctor-patient relations and increased revenue.

How does your practice remind patients of upcoming dental appointments?

One thought on “Article Spotlight: Dental Software Patient Scheduling Preferences

  1. We still do it the “old fashioned way” by phone day before the appointment, but have found that more and more people do not listen to their voice messages and therefore no show.

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