What Will be 2015’s Dental Trends? We Ask Dr. Edward Shellard

To understand what dentists should look for in 2015, we asked a number of experts about their opinions on this year’s trends. This is what Dr. Edward Shellard had to say:

    1. From a restorative dentistry perspective, I see a rise in chairside milling. Thanks to the popularity of CAD/CAM systems, I think doctors are beginning to realize the benefits of performing restorations within the practice—not just for their patients, but for their bottom line.
    2. Intraoral scanning will also become bigger in 2015. While there may be certain cases where taking traditional impressions is necessary, you can’t argue that 3D intraoral scanning is more comfortable for patients and more convenient for practices and labs. Along those same lines, I think we will see a merger of 3D intraoral data sets with CBCT date for implant planning and placement.
    3. And last, but not least, I think we will continue to see a rise in the consolidation of dental practices. Many of the young doctors coming out of school just want to practice dentistry and pay down their student loans—they don’t want to deal with the hassles of being a small business owner. So I think we will see more national practice groups emerging.

Have you given thought to this year’s dentistry trends? Share your predictions below.

2 thoughts on “What Will be 2015’s Dental Trends? We Ask Dr. Edward Shellard

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