Using Technology to Overcome Orthodontic Practice Challenges

Every orthodontic practice is different—but some problems are universal. A recent report by TeleVox, “Top Challenges for Dental and Orthodontic Practices: Results and Observations from the 2015 Practice Readiness Survey,” found that one of the most common day-to-day problems dental and orthodontic professionals experience is no-shows and late cancellations.

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There is no doubt that patients who fail to show up or who cancel at the last minute have an impact on your ability to drive revenue. Fortunately, with advances in digital technology and automated solutions, tackling this problem is possible—without requiring a time commitment from your front desk staff.

Patients are busy. They have work, family and school commitments, which means dental appointments can slip their mind. To ensure they remember their appointments—and to reiterate how important their oral healthcare is—communication is necessary. By incorporating an automated email, text and phone system into your existing practice management software, you can ensure that patients are being contacted in order to reduce the number of no-shows and late cancellations. And, if you include an option to cancel via the communication as well, your front desk will have plenty of time to fill that spot.

Patients in the chair means revenue for your practice. Are no-shows and late cancellations a concern for to you? If so, how have you addressed this challenge?

About TeleVox

TeleVox solutions allow you to attract new patients and build patient loyalty while meeting the day-to-day demands of a successful practice. TeleVox’s industry-leading hosted services help your practice decrease appointment no-shows, increase on-time bill payments, improve patient care, create a compelling online business presence and more!

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