Friday Dental News Roundup

In celebration of March Madness and the race to the Final Four this weekend the Friday Dental News Roundup has taken on a sports theme this week, with a little dentistry thrown in too! First up, we have as short article about Lebron James’ visit to the dentist. In second place, we have an interesting read on the trials and tribulations of the team dentist for the NHL Nashville Predators. In third place, our article for the week is about sports injuries that can be treated by a dentist! We hope you enjoy these great articles and have fun cheering on your teams this weekend. Good luck with your brackets and remember to stay informed and better your practice!

 LeBron James Instagrams Dentist Visit
Take a look at LeBron James’ dentist visit! Is his idea to share the visit on Instagram with millions of followers too much? Or is the photo a great way for parents to ease their children’s nerves about their upcoming dental visit?

Predators keep team dentist busy
Learn about the Nashville Predators team dentist, Jody Jones. Through the past four years as team dentist, Jones has been extremely busy due to flying pucks, broken sticks and fisticuffs. According to Jones, every fourth or fifth game he will have to treat a player during the game whether it’s minor or serious. Read on for more information on Jones and his duties as an NHL dentist!

New Treatment for Undiagnosed Sports Injuries — From Your Dentist
Undiagnosed head trauma from sports injuries is one of the most common causes dentists see of headaches, migraine, tinnitus and vertigo. Modalities such as low-level laser therapy and therapeutic ultrasound are used to treat these injuries from force-related traumas and to speed the healing of joints.

What sports injuries have you diagnosed in your practice?

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