Friday Dental News Roundup

April showers bring May flowers…and dental school graduation! In celebration of the many upcoming graduations our weekly dental roundup has taken on a new theme this week to help new dentists in their future careers. Even if you’re already an established dentist, you might find some amusement in reminiscing about your early career days. Take a look at these fun reads and let us know your future plans. We would love to hear about them. And finally, congratulations on finishing dental school and good luck on your future endeavors!

Dental school graduation is just around the corner: Start own practice, associate, or go corporate?
Read this informative Q & A from dental professionals Jess Webber, Linda Miles and Dentistry IQ on the benefits of starting your own practice versus becoming an associate or going corporate. The Q & A also visits topics such as trends they’ve observed in new dentists and how those have changed over the years.

4 Dumbest Things I Believed When I Graduated Dental School
The Curious Dentist leads you through his top four most grandiose realities he had coming out of dental school including anything from “I’m going to make lots of money” to “ I will eventually own the practice I join.” Read about his first-hand experiences right out of dental school and how you can avoid the same mistakes he made.

How to Start a Dental Practice Right After Graduation
Are you planning on taking the leap and starting your own dental practice right after graduation? Take a look at some of this valuable advice and tips and tricks from veteran dentists on this blog including what to do while in the process of buying a practice, how to secure a loan and what to do while in dental school.

Are you about to graduate from dental school? What are your plans for after graduation?

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