Friday Dental News Roundup

Hello roundup readers, we are happy to welcome you back! This week we have three great articles for your reading pleasure. The first article takes an in-depth look into the life of the famous dentist Painless Parker. Next up, we have an interesting article on the future of tipping in dental practices. Our third and final article is about a recent study on children with autism spectrum disorder and how dentists can adapt their environment the child.

Painless Parker: Part dentist, part showman, all American
Take an in-depth look at the life of one of America’s most famous dentists, Painless Parker. Parker was a pioneer of modern dentistry mixed with showmanship and medical knowledge.

Would you tip your dentist?
According to mobile payment company Square, businesses outside of the food and hospitality industries, such as dental practices, are presenting companies with the option of leaving a tip. The “Smart Tipping” feature can be turned on or off at a merchants’ discretion, an indication of whether they choose to accept tips. According to the company, the tipping feature has become very popular among health care professionals.

Dental Visits May Soon be Easier for Children With Autism
A recent study conducted by the University of Southern California and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles has explored the feasibility of adapting the dental environment to be easier to handle for children with autism spectrum disorder. The study found that there was less psychological anxiety, lower pain and sensory discomfort for all children in the sensory-adapted dental environment.

What do you think of the “Smart Tipping” feature? Would you use it in your practice? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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