Friday Dental News Roundup

Hello roundup friends! We hope you are enjoying this last week in June and are gearing up for the Fourth of July holiday that is just around the corner. Our first article for this week takes a detailed look into the finances of a New York City dentist through the eyes of a financial planner. Our second article for the week will help you reorganize your team huddles. Finally, we have an interesting read on how bad teeth keep one in four people from smiling in photos. Take some time to enjoy the sunshine and read the latest dental news!

A Dentist With Much to Smile About
The Wall Street Journal has a financial planner take an in-depth look into a New York City dentist’s retirement plans.

Take Back Your Team Huddle
Are your practice’s huddles getting out of hand? Take back your huddle by establishing your goals, organizing your huddle, keeping your huddle on-point and ending with something fun! A team huddle can leave your team feeling uplifted and cheerful – setting the tone for the rest of the day.

Bad teeth stop one in four smiling in photos
A recent study conducted in the UK found that 42 percent of people said their teeth are the number one thing they would change about themselves. The survey also found that one quarter of people surveyed refuse to smile in pictures to hide their teeth, while 81 percent of people worry about how their teeth look in photographs.


Does your practice have morning huddles? If so, what do you discuss? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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