Friday Dental News Roundup

Happy Friday roundup readers, and welcome to our first installment of the roundup for September! Take a minute and let us know what you think about these articles and share any you may have found yourself. We would love to hear from you!

Use Original Images To Promote Your Practice
While stock photos may be more cost effective, there is nothing more engaging for your patients than showing your practice’s personality with real-life photos of you and your practice family. Therefore, photographer Bob Thompson has five pointers for building your brand and your dental practice with authentic images. These steps include visually introducing your staff on your website and using camera phones to inspire consumer confidence.

The New Consumer Culture in Dentistry
With technology always at a consumer’s fingertips, consumers can learn about a product or service, identify hundreds of businesses that provide that product or service and find the right pricing for their budget in seconds. With that in mind, the dental industry is not immune to this new consumer culture and it is important to adapt to this culture to keep your patients coming back to your practice. Read on for tips on how your practice can acclimate to this culture.

What steps has your practice taken to adapt to the consumer culture? Share your tips with us in the comments section below!

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