Hands-On Courses: How They Can Help Improve Your Practice

While the traditional approach to continuing education—that is, a speaker presenting from a podium to a large group—is still valuable, there is something to be said about the experience gained when taking small/limited attendance continuing education programs. Hands-on courses give participants the chance to try out new skills or assist during a live procedure.

Nowhere is this more important than in implant programs. By participating in hands-on courses with limited attendance, dental professionals are better able to learn clinical protocols and techniques unique to implant planning and placement. This provides a more personalized experience than listening to someone speak in a lecture hall.

Participating in live clinical procedures offers insight into the leading clinician’s protocol. You get to watch how they discuss and obtain informed consent, utilize surgical checklists to anticipate all that may be needed during a particular case, capture 3D digital images prior to and during the surgery and utilize the instrument armamentarium. As my mentor, Dr. Edward Mills, is fond of saying “What would be more beneficial: Playing a round of golf with Tiger Woods or being his caddy for the day? Getting a chance to ask him what his thought process is before each golf swing or putt?”

In addition, the limited attendance format allows participants to truly get to know their fellow practitioners. Networking is a benefit in any profession, but it’s truly important in a field like dentistry that is quickly evolving thanks to new technology.

Learning new procedures that will benefit my patients is truly one of my passions—and it’s why I was drawn to learning how to perform implant procedures in a personal environment. Not only did I enjoy participating in hands-on courses, but I am now driven to teaching others via this format as well.

Editor’s Note:

Bicon Dental Implants will be presenting a Hands-on Practical Course in Atlanta, Ga. on Friday, Feb. 19th, 2016. In addition, Drs. Robert Pauley, Rick Kimbrel (founders of Buffalo Tactics) and Stewart Hamilton will present a clinical observation day course on Feb. 20th. The live demonstrations will include surgical placements, uncovering and impression techniques and final restoration delivery.

Visit the Bicon website for more information on the hands-on course, or reach Dr. Pauley at 404-435-4683 or drpauley@live.com to learn more about the live surgical program.




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