Friday Dental News Roundup

Happy Halloween readers! On this spooky Halloween eve, we have some treats for you to read this Friday before you head out this weekend for some ghoulish events. We are starting off this week with new findings from the Journal of Dentistry that show fillings could do more harm than good. Next up, we have an article from the American Association of Orthodontists that includes some tip and tricks for safe Halloween recipes. Our final article for the week gives three ways to help eliminate staff drama in the dental office. Read up on these trending stories and let us what you think in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

Fillings ‘could do more harm than good’ if technique not right, dentists warn
According to research conducted by the Journal of Dentistry, fillings could do more harm than good. Done poorly, the practice can increase decay and mean more fillings are needed in other teeth. The study found that six out of 10 teeth which were next to a filling had also decayed after five years. Continue reading

Frequently Asked Training Questions

By Rich Holman
Education Developer

At Carestream Dental, educating dental professionals on the latest technology—as well as their most recent purchase—is very important to us. As such, we offer a variety of training and educational options to our customers. The following are the top five questions our training department hears most regarding our training. Continue reading

Training: What Am I Missing?

By Adam Crutchfield
Educational Developer

The Fear of Missing Out, or FOMO, is a real thing. If we are willing to admit it, most of us have a pretty bad case of FOMO—it’s normal to feel the anxiety of missed opportunity periodically. After all, we are bombarded with social media that all but tells us that our friends are out living bigger, better, more fulfilling lives than we are. This impression that we are not living up to potential leads to feelings of disconnection and dissatisfaction.

However, as a Carestream Dental client, you don’t have to worry about FOMO. Carestream Dental can eliminate that feeling of being left out and uninformed by arming you with the knowledge to ensure you aren’t missing out on a single thing: Continue reading

Friday Dental News Roundup

Hello roundup readers! After some time off, we are back to bring you the top trending dental news stories of the week. First up this week, is an article about a groundbreaking study that is trying to grow enamel from mice stem cells. Our second article is an informative piece on infection control. Our final article for the week is a blog post from The Daily Grind, which focuses on the pros and cons of extracting wisdom teeth. Let us know what you think about each of these articles in the comments section below. We love to hear your thoughts.

Stem Cells Investigated for Enamel Growth
Researcher, Anamaria Balic, MD, PhD, has received high-risk funding of almost 120,000 Euros from the Academy of Finland to develop the chemical recipe for growing tooth enamel and whole teeth with stem cells in vitro and in vivo. Balic is beginning her research with mice because the incisors and molars of mice develop similarly to human molars. Once the process has successfully been mastered in mice, they will apply the same process and principles to humans. Continue reading

A Prescriptive Approach to Training

By Melissa Whiteman
Director, Global Educational Development

Keeping up with changes in your software and learning how to use the system to do more is challenging. We’re all busy, and most of us don’t spend our working hours looking for new ways to do things, even though better ways usually exist. The work-around you’ve developed—or that note taped to your monitor—might work for you but is it working for everyone in the practice? It really is better for everyone if you use your software to the max. So whether it’s filing electronic claims; using electronic prescriptions or the charting module; or making the most of reporting, there are probably things that your practice could learn to improve your efficiency and keep everyone in the office in the KNOW. How do you do that? How do you bite off one piece at a time to get you where you need to be? PLANNING, of course!

Training is often the key to efficiency, but how do you get started so that it’s not overwhelming to everyone? Here’s what I recommend:

  1. I’m a list person, so I’m always going to recommend that you make a list. On this list, put the following: Continue reading