Frequently Asked Training Questions

By Rich Holman
Education Developer

At Carestream Dental, educating dental professionals on the latest technology—as well as their most recent purchase—is very important to us. As such, we offer a variety of training and educational options to our customers. The following are the top five questions our training department hears most regarding our training.

1. How much does training cost?

Self-Paced – With an active support agreement, the Carestream Dental Institute (formerly the MasterWorks LearnCenter) can keep you on the learning path at no additional cost to you.

Live Online – We offer one hour online sessions starting at $150, or a package of three, three-hour online sessions as low as $850.

Online Webinars – You can take free live or recorded webinars to learn to learn about specific topics or modules for your Carestream Dental products.

On-Site – Bring the trainer to you for as little as $1,495 per day. We will customize an agenda for you to increase your efficiency and productivity using your Carestream Dental products.

2. How do I learn more about the Carestream Dental Institute?

Go to the Carestream Dental Institute website to review complimentary training options available. Log in as a guest using the following credentials:

User Name: guest

Password: mwonline.

3. How do I access the training in the Carestream Dental Institute?

If you are a new client, after you log in, go to “My Learning” to see the training that has been assigned to you. This content is assigned based on products you’ve recently purchased and includes the recommended first steps.

If you’re an experienced user, you can view the catalog. Look for your products to view the learning plans, documentation and recorded classes (videos) that exist. Look for topics of interest, and click the course name to start.

4. Can I self-assign content for new employees based on my products?

Yes, users can self-assign learning plans based on the Carestream Dental products your practice is using.

5. How do I request a Carestream Dental Institute account?

Go to and click register in the upper-right corner to request an account. You’ll receive a follow up email with your login information. Then login to Carestream Dental Institute for self-paced training options to learn more about your Carestream Dental products and services.

Do you have questions about training? We would love to help you in the comment section below!

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