Then and Now: Digital vs. Traditional Impressions

Taking an impression is a common procedure utilized by general practitioners and specialists alike. However, the process is time-consuming and messy, not to mention costly, as numerous consumables such as trays, alginate, PVS, etc., are required. Thankfully, impressions have come a long way and—unlike the Dr. Henriod of the 1980s—I now use a digital intraoral scanner to take impressions. In this video, I demonstrate the clean, digital workflow a scanner offers when taking impressions.

As you can see, the old way of taking impressions was grody to the max. However, digital scanners streamline the process, eliminate the mess and cut back on consumables. It’s fast and efficient for the doctor or hygienist, and patients benefits as well. Now that really is rad!

5 thoughts on “Then and Now: Digital vs. Traditional Impressions

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  2. where can I find dentist in riverview florida 33579 using this methods

  3. Love this video! Funny & Factual!

    We recently posted a similar article and linked to this video, because it was just that good!

    Here’s the mind blowing part to us… A recent study showed that 25% of traditional impressions that make it to the lab are not adequate to build on…. 1 out of every 4 impression has to be redone or risk a remake. What’s the total cost of that? Dental offices don’t really account for this when comparing digital dentistry to conventional impressions. With the new 3600, the time and learning curve is reduced so much it truly is a game-changer.

    Digital dentistry is the way of the future. Glad to see the great work that Carestream is doing to help lead the way!

    • Hello Steve,

      Thank you for commenting and for sharing Dr. Henriod’s video. It’s certainly an exciting time for dentistry, and we are excited to provide solutions that not only streamline the workflows of doctors and labs, but also improve patient care.

      The Carestream Dental Team

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