Top Three Tips for Protecting Your Dental Practice [Video]

Have you ever worried about theft in your practice? Stop worrying and start protecting.

In this video, I share three things that you can do as a practice owner to guard against embezzlement in your practice.

A common sense approach can go a long way toward keeping your practice safe. Remember these three tips:

  1. Listen to your inner voice.
  2. Print and review your own reports.
  3. Be skeptical during the hiring process.

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Embezzlement – What a Busy Dentist Needs to Know

It is a basic characteristic of human nature that we overestimate our own capabilities relative to those of others. Behavioral scientists label this “Illusory Superiority”.

A familiar example is driving, where a 1981 survey found that 93% of US drivers rated themselves as having above average skill, and 88% considered themselves to be safer than average[1]. This is an obvious statistical impossibility. It also explains something important about embezzlement.

Embezzlement Basics

As the CEO of the world’s largest dental embezzlement investigation firm, I am consulted on hundreds of embezzlement matters annually, and this work provides insight into embezzlement unavailable to anyone else. Continue reading

Security Benefits of the Cloud

As the owner of Prosperident, a dental embezzlement investigation firm, I understand the importance of security for dental practices. One solution that practices may consider when protecting their patient and business information is switching from server-based to cloud-hosted dental practice management software.

Dental practices deal with highly sensitive data that is protected by HIPPA, and this should be a consideration when choosing your dental practice management software. Storing your important files in the cloud provides a number of security benefits, including:

  • reducing the risk of server hacks
  • preventing the need to back up data externally
  • making it easier to perform discreet embezzlement investigation
  • ensuring that software is always up to date
  • improving network security
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