Intraoral Imaging

          Intraoral Scanners

3500CS 3500 Scanner
Simplify the crown design process like never before. With the CS 3500, you can easily capture high-resolution 3D images and then integrate them with our CS Restore software to design crowns right in the comfort of your own practice. The intuitive scanner includes an innovative light guidance system to make the process easier and more accurate than ever.  >>More Information


                                           RVG Sensors

RVG 6500 SensorRVG 6500 System
The RVG 6500 System delivers the same-film quality images as our RVG 6100 Sensor along with the latest innovations. Use the RVG Mobile app to acquire and diagnose images on an iPad, without the need for extra monitors and rewiring; and take advantage of Wi-Fi to keep your operatories cable-free. Offering unparalleled flexibility and affordability, the RVG 6500 System is a perfect fit for any practice. >>More Information



RVG 6100 SystemRVG 6100 System
With >20 lp/mm resolution per image, the RVG 6100 Digital Radiography System offers exceptional image resolution –delivering the same image quality as Intraoral INSIGHT Dental Film. Perfect for any dental application, the sensor generates detailed, crystal-clear images each and every time it’s used. >>More Information




RVG 5100 SystemRVG 5100 System
Just transitioning to digital? The The RVG 5100 Digital Radiography System may be the right option for you. An ideal compromise between image quality and price, the RVG 5100 System boasts a true resolution of 14 lp/ mm to deliver the high-quality images you need to ensure confident and precise diagnoses. >>More Information




Intraoral Cameras

CS 16000 Intraoral CameraCS 1600 Intraoral Camera
Identify potential caries clearly and more effectively with the CS 1600 Intraoral Camera. A multi-purpose tool, the high-performance camera provides superior image quality with a unique polarizer feature available to reduce glare and promote a more accurate diagnosis. >>More Information




CS 1500 Intraoral CameraCS 1500 Intraoral Camera
Available in both a wired and wireless version, the CS 1500 Camera was designed for mobility and ease of use. Boasting a true autofocus and intuitive camera lighting system, the dental digital photography camera requires no manual adjustments and is easily shared between different examination rooms and chairs. TWAIN compliance ensures the camera integrates easily with third-party dental digital photography imaging software. >>More Information




CS 1200 CameraCS 1200 Intraoral Camera
Delivering the highest image resolution in the industry, the CS 1200 reveals even the smallest details such as cracks, caries, and other anomalies. An affordable entry point into digital imaging, the CS 1200 puts high-quality intraoral images within the reach of any practice. >>More Information

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