An Educational Program Designed for Attendees, by Attendees

User-centered designed has driven software innovation at Carestream Dental for the past several years, and listening to the voice of the customer has always played a key role in developing new products. The educational program for the 2018 Global Oral Health Summit is no different. When it came to assembling the program, Carestream Dental sought the feedback of past Summit attendees to learn more about what real users wanted to learn more about.

The expertise of Dawn Hill, Jan Odell, Angie Minks, Misty Mattingly, Jerilyn Bird, Barb Nissen, Carol Chambers and Barb Houser, all volunteers, were called upon to help the Carestream Dental team develop a carefully curated program and event experience. Along with user experience designers and trainers, the volunteers, reviewed all purposed sessions and provided valuable feedback to ensure the educational program would meet the needs of attendees by addressing the challenges real practices and teams face every day.

Ultimately—and in keeping with the workflow-based theme of the Summit, “Where Your Practice Meets Proficiency”—the courses selected for the Summit support one of the following concepts: Developing an Effective Dental Practice, Patient Engagement, Consultation, Case Acceptance, Patient Care and Treatment and Patient Billing and Patient Follow-Up. Continue reading

The Four Cs of Getting the Most Out of Conference Education

The Global Oral Health Summit offers an educational program designed to arm attendees with new skills they can put into use in their practices right away.  From overviews of the latest industry trends to how-to courses geared towards software users, attendees will discover tips and tricks to increase efficiency; uncover new ways to tackle everyday challenges; learn new strategies for promoting their practices; and explore innovations in diagnostic techniques. Before you arrive in Orlando to start learning, consider these four “Cs” to get the most out of the education program:

Customize Your Experience
The Summit is fully customizable upon arrival. There’s no need to pre-register for courses, so attendees have the freedom to adapt their schedules to their needs and interests as often as they would like.

Choose Your Path

To keep teams on the cutting edge of industry standards, courses fall into the following relevant categories: Case Acceptance, Change Management, Efficiency, Marketing Your Practice, Practice Improvement, Practice Technology, Prevention, Team Building, and Digital Oral Health. Take the quiz  to determine which courses best fit your needs and interests. Continue reading

A Prescriptive Approach to Training

By Melissa Whiteman
Director, Global Educational Development

Keeping up with changes in your software and learning how to use the system to do more is challenging. We’re all busy, and most of us don’t spend our working hours looking for new ways to do things, even though better ways usually exist. The work-around you’ve developed—or that note taped to your monitor—might work for you but is it working for everyone in the practice? It really is better for everyone if you use your software to the max. So whether it’s filing electronic claims; using electronic prescriptions or the charting module; or making the most of reporting, there are probably things that your practice could learn to improve your efficiency and keep everyone in the office in the KNOW. How do you do that? How do you bite off one piece at a time to get you where you need to be? PLANNING, of course!

Training is often the key to efficiency, but how do you get started so that it’s not overwhelming to everyone? Here’s what I recommend:

  1. I’m a list person, so I’m always going to recommend that you make a list. On this list, put the following: Continue reading